Root data analysis makes use of Root analytical tool developed by CERN and mainly used for tracing the developments in particle physics. A root data analysis must be tabulated in a manner that it is easily understandable as well as accessible, it must also be accurate and the analysis must be conducted in an appropriate manner using the correct procedural tools. The report of the root data analysis holds immense value.

Sample Root Data Analysis:

Name of project: Tracing the disintegration of molecules in compound X

Date of submission of root data analysis: 1st June 2011

Project manager: Sarah Robins

Project sponsored by: World Atomic Research Unit

Cost of project: $4 billion

Location of project headquarters: Dresden, Germany

Purpose of the project which will use ROOT data analysis techniques extensively:

  • To trace the impact of compound X in nuclear industries today.
  • To identify the elements and mechanism of compound X which will be beneficial to modern science.
  • To trace the ways in which compound X can be used in fuels.
  • To make our findings known to the public and make them aware of the advantages and disadvantages of compound X.
  • To test the applicability and viability of Root data analysis technique.
  • To test the cost effectiveness of Root data analysis technique.

Expected duration of project: 24 months

Number of researchers involved in the project: 45

Participating countries include: Italy, Germany, United States, United Kingdom, India, Australia, France and Austria.

For more information please contact: 346765667 or

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