A sales analysis report is an account of the various features of a particular sales analysis for a certain product or service, conducted by some analysis agency or organization or the company or business firms themselves. The statement in such report gives an idea of the nature of sales and the current market trends, thereby providing details of any loopholes, if any, and practical solutions to remove them and thus move towards the goal of maximization of sales, profits, and market share.

Sample Sales Analysis Report:

Sales Analysis of: New World Bookstore

Analysis conducted by: Jerome Stevenson


New World Bookstore

Date of analysis: 16th November, 2011

Analysis commissioned by: World Book Council

Details of analysis:

  • The New World Bookstore offers the best and the classiest books for all generations. It is one store that exhibits a perfect amalgamation of the collection of the most common and the rarest books.
  • The books here are from the best authors and publishers and guarantee quality reading.
  • There is enough reading area in the bookstore itself for kids as well as adults – a perfect place for real book-lovers.
  • Cost of every book is reasonably set and is thus a favourite store of all classes of people.
  • Some areas, however, need to be improved. The collection of books in local languages is somewhat limited and needs to be improved. Also, some more trained professional need to be employed who have thorough knowledge of books and can guide customers in making the most suitable choice.

Analysis Report:

A sale of 93000 copies per week and a profit of $1759500 are appreciable for any bookstore and the report thus suggests consistency to help New World Bookstore secure its position for the coming two years even. The areas which need to be improved should be carefully noted and worked upon at the earliest.

Final verdict: 9/ 10

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