The sales analysis research is undertaken by every company in order to determine the sales performance of a certain product or service. This is done in order to understand whether the product has been or will be profitable for the company. It takes into account various marketing factors and the customer reception. This analysis can bear both positive and negative results which helps the company in taking the decision whether to retain the product in the market or whether it should be improved and reintroduced or discarded all together.

Sample Sales Analysis Research:

The following is the sales analysis for the TYYX Mobile 20 product released on 3.4.2011

Company Name: TYYX Technologies Ltd.

Product Code: P11234

Analysis by: Mobiles & More Tech Ltd.

Analysis date: 23.8.2011

Product Overview:

  • TYYX Mobile 20 features basic phone features including texting and calling facilities.
  • In built camera of 5 mega pixels with Bluetooth services
  • Easy keypad usage with sensors that require less effect.
  • Sleek design that comes in black, silver and navy blue colors.
  • Android facility with G-Talk client and other apps have been included.
  • Product price: $2345

Sales Analysis:


  • The product has been overall favorably accepted and is preferred mostly by college goers.
  • Easy usability has made it popular among both older and younger demographic.
  • Sales growth for the last two months has increased by 14%.
  • Price is reasonable which has retained popularity.


  • Not preferred by office goers or those in the corporate sectors.


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