Sales analysis training is conducted to guide individuals and employees in executing an analysis programme wherein the sale of a particular product or service is to be studied and reviews stated clearly, such that an idea is created regarding the nature of sale and areas of improvement. This type of training is specially provided so that the final process of sales analysis that is to be conducted will be flawless and perfect results can be obtained, which will help identify the status of sales and also take important decisions for the future of the company or business.

Sample Sales Analysis Training:

Name of the company: Patrick Paper House

Training given to: John Maxx, Mark Stewart, Dan Longman, Dora Gomes, Caroline Stone, Agatha Jones, Irwing Kingston

Training supervisor: Fredrick Robert Peterson

Senior Manager

Sales Department

Patrick Paper House

Date of commencement of training: 9th July, 2011

Date of completion of training: 9th November, 2011

Purpose of sales analysis training:

All the employees being trained belong to the sales department and considering the present market structure and the level of competition, it has become extremely important for all of them to possess the minimum expertise in analyzing the sales, so that they can take necessary decisions for the company after thorough study of the analysis reports.

Factors for sales analysis training:

  • Knowledge of the products: The basic idea and knowledge regarding the products for sale is an extremely important criterion for effective sales analysis. The trainees are thus imparted the basic knowledge of the specific goods and services.
  • Identifying market needs: The employees (trainees here) need to have the basic ability to gauge market demands and needs and thus devise sales procedures accordingly. The analysis training thus hones such skills that help them in doing so.
  • Knowing the clientele: It is very much important to know your customers well, and the analysis training thus gives an estimate of the nature of clients before adopting sales analysis techniques.

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