A sales cycle analysis is the best tool that can be used to make remarkable changes in the sector of the mass market to come in notice of the company. It is a useful application that helps a company understands the strengths and weaknesses of it. Also, the risk factors and scope of improvements are highlighted through this tool.

Sample Sales Cycle Analysis:

The following analysis has been prepared by Infests PVT.LTD. for the client ADC group of companies, Texas.

Date of submission of report: 19th July 2011.



  • The production unit of the company is the best state of art in the sector.
  • The best product in market is manufactured by this company. Hence it is the biggest USP of this company


  • Weak marketing is the biggest fault of this company. Experienced team set-up is required to develop a steady sale.
  • The management is very weak in dealing with in-house problems. Regular strikes from workers unions are only adding to the trouble.


  • Eye-catching advertisements are displayed across print and electronic media. The brand name is the biggest asset of the company. Quality and after-sales services are also praiseworthy and a feature not present in contemporaries.


  • Customer care and grievance cells need to be incorporated immediately for providing one-to-one consumer help.
  • Although competition is meek in this field, attention must be given to the fact that many prototype products are being launched by others that are low on quality. Consumer awareness must be developed and must be made aware of the good quality products.

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