Sales management forms an important and necessary part of any successful business. Since it focuses on the implementation of sales techniques and the administration of a company’s sales operations, it is of utmost importance that the right persons are recruited for the position of a sales manager. Sales manager analysis ensures that the right person is chosen through its in depth evaluation of potential, qualities and skills required for the job.

Sample Sales Manager Analysis

Sales manager analysis done by: Excellency Job Analysts Corporation.

Date of submission of analysis: June 4, 2012.

Name of the company: Goodread Book Sellers and Distributors Private Limited.

Job Description:

The key responsibility of the sales manager would be to administer, motivate and lead the sales team of the company. He would be required to organize and guide his team members in achieving sales targets; recruit staffs as and when necessary; keep a tab on the workings of the sales representatives; develop policies that would help improve sales; compile, record and analyze sales figures; probe into competitor’s sales tactics and accordingly define one’s own; research market, identify target customers and collect customer feedbacks and manage all sales operations of the department.

Skills required:

  • Must be acquainted with the intricacies of book sales.
  • Should possess impressive negotiation and sales skills.
  • Must be an excellent man manager and team leader.
  • Must be a shrewd planner and a good organizer.
  • Should have the ability to foresee situations and resolve sales issues.
  • Must possess decent communication skills to manage client relations.

Opportunities and power bestowed:

The concerned person would enjoy the power to supervise and manage all sales operations of the company and have the opportunity to explore and familiarize with the world of book sales.

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