Sales Ratio Analysis is an important document that provides sufficient data to suggest the sales ratio of some particular company or business organization’s products or services. The ratio of sales to the cost incurred and other such issues is of prime concern for any business firm or such profit-making organizations. The calculations of proper ratios and the analysis of sales figures often requires expert help, but a well-framed sample sales ratio analysis can help any firm to prepare effective files without having to hire analysts from outside.

Sample Sales Ratio Analysis:

Name of product: Kelvinson Refrigerators

Name of Company: Kelvinson Goods Pvt. Ltd

Analysis conducted by: George McKinley, CEO

Kelvinson Goods Pvt. Ltd

Stephen Rogers, Kelly Williams, Joseph Stewart, Leslie D’Souza [Sales analysts at Kelvinson Goods Pvt. Ltd.]

Analysis commissioned by: U.S Sales Department [Electronics goods]

Date of analysis: 15th December, 2011

Sales Ratio Analysis Overview:

  • Nature of analysis: The sales ratio analysis preparation includes a group of able analysts who can efficiently utilize the available tools and perform proper arithmetic for the attainment of the final sales ratio to suggest the state of the firm in the present-day market, with special reference to the particular product [Kelvinson Refrigerators].
  • Market shares: The sales ratios suggest that Kelvinson Refrigerators have gained a 32% share over the market and an overall share of 12% among all goods in this arena.
  • Profits: As per the sales ratios, the profit earned is $4235000 approximately for the term of November, 2010 – November, 2011.
  • Future sales: The sales ratio analysis has made it clear by its reports and figures that continuing with this method of manufacturing and maintaining the quality of products, with slight improvements in certain areas such as range of colours of the products, versatility, proper advertising, etc., can help Kelvinson Goods Pvt. Ltd take over the market by a huge share very soon.

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