Sales report is the document which represents the dealings related to the sales process of a business. These are created for management review so as to determine whether the sale functions are properly being regulated according to the set policies or not. Therefore, sales report analysis is a process through which the effectiveness of sales report could be identified.

Sample Sales Report Analysis

Name of the company: BrukeHill FMCG

Sales report prepared by: Mac Gowell, Sales and Marketing-Head BrukeHill FMCG

Sales report Analysis Conducted by: National FMCG Sales Audit Organization

Date of presenting the sales report: 30th March 2011

The sales report was presented for the financial year 2010-2011

Purpose of the analysis:

This analysis is being conducted for the purpose of evaluating the sales report which has been prepared based upon the unaudited information of the sales process for the previous financial year. This analysis is being solicited with an intention to ascertain the management regarding the presented sales report and helping them in realizing the present status of company’s ongoing sales.

Factors Analyzed in the Sales Report:

  • Sales of new product and related data
  • Cost variance in manufacturing raw materials
  • Profit acquired from each product and its relativity with previous years
  • Budgets considered for several aspects on each of the months
  • Areas of profit depletion in sales


Sales report presented by the company for the financial year 2010-11 is valid. However, it has been found that few new products could not make significant sales on the intended market.

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