A sales territory analysis, as made clear from the term itself, is a study of the various prospective areas of sales, for a particular product or brand of a company, business firm or some other corporate sector. The territory analysis is basically designed to identify the specific areas that would be profitable for the particular sales, thereby helping analysts to take decisions regarding the distribution of resources, manpower, etc. which would eventually help gain more.

Sample Sales Territory Analysis:

Sales territory analysis for: Petrova Computers

Manufactured by: Petrova Group of Companies

Analysis done for the territory of: West Road, New York

Team of analysts: Mark Henry, Joseph Stewart, Jacob Robinson, Kelly Sharon

Analysis commissioned by: U.S Department of Marketing and Sales

Sales territory analysis prepared for the time period: 9th March, 2011 – 9th September, 2011

Date of submission of analysis: 18th September, 2011

Purpose: The primary objective of conducting the sales territory analysis is to study and examine the suitability of the particular region for the sale of the products. The pricing and distribution of goods will be considered according to the need of the region and its capability to garner profits, as determined from the analysis report.

Factors considered for sales territory analysis:

  • Product definition: This is a very crucial factor where the particulars of the product are clearly defined, such as its shape, size, weight, colour, features and other details are thoroughly described. The reason for doing so is to identify the product with the particular territory.
  • Territory analysis: The complete postal address, pin codes, and other specific details of the particular territory, along with the city or area name, is to be included in the document and a direct relationship is established with the nature of the product.
  • Identifying target audience: The identification of the nature and demands of clients of that particular territory is very much important and have been thoroughly conducted for our sales territory analysis.

Sales territory analysis approved by: Mr. Tim George



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