A sales training needs analysis is a report of the requirements of a certain training programme for the effective sale of some particular goods or services. This type of an analysis of the sales training needs is conducted by most profit-making organizations to give proper training to the employees involved in the sales department, and thus gather and provide the best equipments and resources required for the same. The analysis should hence be prepared very thoroughly so as to involve all important needs of sales training.

Sample Sales Training Needs Analysis:

Product to be sold: German Watches

Name of manufacturer: The German Watch Company

Sales training needs analysis done by: George McKinley

Training provided to: Michael Brown, Steve Rogers, Henry Grey, Tom Paul, John Butler, Robert Brown, Leslie Stevenson, Bob Fredrick, Anthony Gomes, Joseph Robert, Jim Kingston

The trainees will later on be distributed to serve different sales territories.

Purpose of sales training needs analysis:

The primary objective for conducting this analysis is to identify the needs of imparting proper training for effective sale of the product. The needs will be tried to be gathered at the earliest, to help the process of training and derive effective results in the long run that would ensure better sales.

Factors considered:

  • Equipments: A thorough research was conducted to identify the required number and type of equipments that would help the training procedure for sale of the particular product under study.
  • On-the-field conditions: Training needs to be conducted in areas similar to the sales territories and where almost the same conditions prevail as would be in reality, to help the trainees get an idea of the exact situation where they have to work. It is thus an important analysis factor as it provides practical knowledge of the actual job.
  • Resources: Electricity, water supply, transportation facilities, etc. are the various resources which were also analyzed.
  • Human values: Apart from manpower, training needs include ethics that bind trainees and help them perform better. Also, leadership qualities as well as a group spirit, punctuality, discipline, etc. are required to be instilled to bring out the best team effort.

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