A sales trend analysis is a document that is prepared to study and review the various sales figures and facts that measure the sale of a particular product or brand during a specified span of time. The analysis may be performed on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis, but the basic purpose and structure for measuring sales trends remain intact, that is, they depend on similar factors.

Sample Sales Trend Analysis:

Name of the product subject to sales trend analysis: Super Digital Mobile Phones

Name of manufacturer: Super Digital Companies Pvt. Ltd

Sales trend analysis for the period: 5th February, 2011 – 5th August, 2011

Sales trend analysis commissioned by: U.S. Sales Department

Analysis submitted on: 12th August, 2011

Sales trend analysis approved by: Mark Kelvin Johannson

CEO, U.S. Sales Department


The basic objective of conducting the sales trend analysis is to have an idea of the actual sales of our company and also to predict future performances and improve certain areas where we might be lagging.

Factors considered:

  • Measurement of products sold: The measurement of the exact number of goods sold is an important factor we have considered to determine the trend of our sales.
  • Identifying profits: The gross profit earned from the sale of our products has also helped in the analysis of sales trend.
  • Market structure: The sales trend analysis has been performed after complete examination of the portion of the market we have been able to capture and conquer over other contemporaries.
  • Customer feedback: Our team of analysts has implemented certain techniques to gather the responses from our clients and this has been one of the most significant factors in our sales trend analysis.

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