A sample business analysis is a document which identifies the means by which a business can be further developed, improved or expanded. Such a report is created by trained professionals called business analysts and they are a part of the company whose business analysis is being carried out. Such a document is of vital importance as a stock taking exercise and for building a future vision.

Sample Business Analysis

Business analysis commissioned by: Subtonic Businesses Pvt. Ltd.

Business analysis created by: Jason Macneilly, BA, Subtonic Businesses Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of business analysis: 1st January 2011

This business analysis has been prepared by our core team of business analysts over a period of three months by using data, past and presents performances of the establishment and the mathematical tools of conjecture as well as probability to come to a blueprint for out future business models.

Objectives of business analysis:

  • To assess our current financial and man power status at the moment.
  • To create a blueprint for the coming fiscal year.
  • To identify means by which we can improve our expansion and develop into a larger conglomerate.

Analytical tools used:

  • Document Analysis
  • Workshops
  • Surveys
  • User Task Analysis

Please see the enclosed document for greater details and the complete report. Both external and internal factors have been considered, including political social and economic status of the country as well as problems of labor, cash flow and other such interconnected areas.

Core team involved in the planning and execution of the business analysis: Jordan Aram, Clara Rogers and Sandra Rodricks.

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