A sample competitor analysis is a framework of the characteristic features entwined with a competitor analysis. It is a process of appraising the dynamic aspects of the rival industries in the market and the functions they serve. A thorough analysis of the competitors facilitates the growth of an industry and aids in the identification of their own shortcomings. This procedure throws a challenge to the management since the process has to be conducted with a lot of skill and effort.

Sample Competitor Analysis

Industry whose competitors are to be analysed: Fashion Cars

Produced by: Fashion Car Company

Analysis conducted by: Duke Bill, vehicle expert at Car Information Agency.

Submitted on: 5th August, 2011.

Factors considered in the process:

  • Identification of competitors: The car market is saturated with 20 Indian and 10 foreign companies producing a horde of cars in assorted designs and price range. The vehicles are manufactured by synchronising customer sensibilities and brand standards.
  • Sketching the profiles: The profile of competitors can be drawn with respect to their historical development, organizational goals, facilities and advantages, financial strategies, marketing system and quality maintenance service of the product.
  • Media check: The offers of the competitor companies are manifested in their advertisements and promotion which gives an overview of the expenditures and budget allotment of the companies. The advertisements, at present, emphasise on monthly EMI systems to bring more customers in the expanse of their business.
  • Nature of the analysis: Competitor analysis is objectively achieved through qualitative study of the assets and drawbacks of the opponents in the market.

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