A sample customer analysis is a very crucial segment of the marketing analysis process. It is a part of the market research to build up a healthy market of a product. By knowing the interests, values and needs of the buyers, marketing professionals focus on the development of the market and tastes of the customers of the product.

Sample Customer Analysis

Product in question: Fabulous MP3 Player

Produced by: Gypsy Gadgets

Analysis commissioned and formalised by: Geek’s Tabloid, Cilly Austin [Column writer]

Date of submission: 1St July, 2011

Features considered:

  • Division of customers: Prospective customers belong to an age group 11-55 years who are most musically inclined and have to travel or work outside home.
  • Price of the product: The product has been priced at $5000 which is easily affordable by teenagers. It can be availed by the middle classes.
  • Customer benefits: It has been clinically tested that its use is not correlated to hearing impairment as it is equipped with options to alter the frequency and intensity of sound complying with the requirement of the listener.
  • Location: Since most of the urban residents operate gadgets, the marketing should be aimed at preserving the demands of the urban population.
  • Psychological consideration: Psychologists opine that anything attractive and pleasant draws our attention. The exterior of the product should be made intelligently so that people are easily attracted to the make and identify with the design.
  • Nature of analysis: Customer analysis is conducted with the help of a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods. It uses interviews, surveys to gather information and statistical interventions to represent the database.

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