A sample data analysis is a methodological tool with which trends connecting sets of data can be unearthed and utilized for the benefit of men. It is an exercise that is highly valued and conducted by trained professionals who know how to sort the data given to them into recognizable patters. A sample data analysis thus highlights how such an exercise must be presented or documented.

Sample Data Analysis:

Data analysis conducted by: Sun Data Corps Pvt. Ltd

Subject: Eating Habits of American Men of the age group 20 to 40 years.

Purpose of the data analysis: To identify the trends in the eating habit of American men of the above age group in order to establish a connection between the high rate of obesity and cholesterol.

Data analysis commissioned by: Forbes Health Magazine

Statistical methods used for data analysis with the above data:

  • Data cleaning
  • Assessment of data quality [using frequency counts]
  • Identification of integral variables
  • Main data analysis using exploratory approaches

Core data analysis team includes: Jason Glitterman, Mary McKay, Joshua Roberts, and Derek Walters.

The conclusions drawn: [Check the enclosed documents for more details]:

  • The eating habits of American men aged between 20 to 40 years shows a marked increase in the intake of foods rich in trans-fat.
  • This can be seen as responsible for the increase in cholesterol.
  • Obesity is rampant as a result.
  • The chief foodstuffs consumed include red meat, and aerated drinks.

[Attached with this document are the graphs and charts which show this trend over a period of three years showing an alarming increase in the prevalence of cardiac diseases.]

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