A sample employment analysis is a document which contains the facts found and the trends identified during an employment analysis. Such an exercise can often be conducted by a company using its human resource professionals, or it can also be commissioned by a magazine, newspaper etc. for purposes of journalism. A sample employment analysis must be clearly written and unambiguous.

Sample Employment Analysis

Employment analysis of Mac Dowson’s Paint and Industrial Solvents Pvt. Ltd.

Year: 2011

This employment analysis is part of the ongoing database formation of our company. This is based on a survey of employees’ personal and professional data which they were required to enter in questionnaires provided to them. Our human resource team, headed by Sarah Jones, compiled this report on the basis of these findings. Advanced analytical tools were used and the conclusions drawn, though inferences are grounded in fact.

Employment analysis report submitted on: 1st May 2011

Number of employees surveyed: 1400

Number of vacant posts: 23

Age group of employees surveyed: 20-65

Certain interesting trends:

  • Older employees prefer working in the distillation units whereas younger employees prefer working in more laborious units.
  • Employees with educational backgrounds in related fields like chemistry form the greatest chunk of our employees.
  • Most employees are aware of the norms governing the use of industrial effluents, solvents and other hazardous products well in advance before they join our plant.
  • Most employees do not have health insurance before they start working here.

The detailed report is attached along with this document.

For more information and the detailed report contact: 344756436

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