A sample engineering analysis provides a model analysis of an engineering device. It breaks the device into separate parts and analyses the state and operations of each part to get a clear understanding of the engineering mechanism. Thus it is a wholly scientific process and requires both mental and physical intelligence to be properly executed.

Sample Engineering Analysis

Engineering analysis triggered by: State Environmentalists Association

Engineering analysis of: Water sample

Water distribution area: San Diego and its neighboring cities

Purpose of the engineering analysis: The engineering analysis of the water sample is conducted in order to identify and measure the different physical parameters that may pose severe harm for the people consuming it.

Use of the engineering analysis: A successful analysis of the water sample would eventually make answer for the necessity of a water system replacement or an emergency of large scale water purification.

Background: The regional health care centers and clinics have got complaints since the last one month about stomach aches and nauseating tendency especially among young and aged people. Preliminary investigation has raised a finger towards the drinking water of the area.

Analysis of the sample has revealed the following main results:

1. Alkaline Value: The pH value of the water sample has been diagnosed as 7.5 which is a clear indication of its acidic and corrosive nature since the general pH range of drinking water is between 3 and 7.

2.  Total Dissolved Solids (TDS): The analysis has also revealed that the water sample contains dissolved nitrates that are harmful for infants below 6 months of age.

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