A sample financial analysis is a document prepared by trained professionals within a company, or sometimes hired extrinsically, which outlines whether a project or a business deal is viable and financially profitable or not. Certain analytical tools are used in this exercise and this document is important as often the decision to proceed is dependent on it.

Sample Financial Analysis

Company: McFarlane’s dairy Products

Financial analysis for the year 2011 to 2012, prepared by the finance department under the supervision of Janet Dailey, Head, Department of Finance [janetdailey12@mcfarlane’s.com]

Purpose of financial analysis: This financial analysis is part of our annual stock taking measures. It not only allows us an estimate of our assets at the present moment, it also provides an indication of the amount of liquid cash as well as stocks and bonds we have at our disposal to raise capital for new ventures. The detailed report is included with this financial analysis abstract.

Date of submission of financial analysis: 3rd March 2011

Financial analysis complied by our core team consisting of: Jason Rogers, Brian Victor, and Joseph Gill.

Issues highlighted in the financial analysis:

  • Profitability: We have outlined all the projects that are due to take place this year and examined their viability as sources of profit.
  • Solvency: We have examined our ability to meet all our dues and loans from creditors as well as baking loans.
  • Liquidity: The amount of cash at our disposal and the means of maintaining a positive cash flow have also been considered.

All three factors, on consideration, have yielded positive results. The detailed reports can be found in the attached documents.

Download Sample Financial Analysis

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