Sample health analysis is the methodical approach of demonstrating the heath factors of a person who is critically ill. It encodes the evaluative report of the aspects of health that are abnormal by health standards and needs medical attention and help. Thus the document should be able to denote the conditions and their underlying causes very technically.

Sample Health Analysis

Name of the patient: Veronica Basin

Gender: Female

Age: 46 years

Name of the members of medical team: Celina Gomes, Audrey Monroe, David Clooney

Diagnosis done on: 8th December, 2010

Health report created on: 10Th December, 2010

Name of the illness: Urinary tract infection (Dysuria)

Site of infection: Bladder and parts of the lower abdomen

Primary Symptoms:

1. Frequency of urination: The rate of occurrence of urination has doubled and the patient feels a constant urge to go to the toilet.

2. Lack of secretion: Patient does not experience vaginal discharges or secretions.

3. Sexual activity: Sexual intercourse is associated with tremendous pain in the abdomen leading to complete withdrawal from the action.

Associated symptoms: Occasional fever, loss of appetite, lethargy, discomfort in abdomen and nausea is seen with the primary symptoms.

Hazardous Sources:

The analysis of the patient’s prior health practices reveal the following information about the risk factors associated with Dysuria.

1. Multiple sexual partners and sexual activeness may be labeled as one of the causes of this disease. Supporting evidence says that 70% to 80% sexually dynamic women are infected.

2. Use of catheter has been found in the patient’s history which may not be completely ruled out here.


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