A sample job analysis is usually conducted by the HR department of a company as it is extremely crucial to identify the different skill sets required for different jobs. A job analysis involves outlining the nature of the job, identifying the key skills required and also outlining the profile of the employee suited to such a type of job.

Sample Job Analysis

Job analysis for: Mega Stores Pvt. Ltd.

Analysis conducted by: Gwen Richards, Head, Human Resource Department, Mega Stores Pvt. Ltd.

Position: Managerial head of the Food section in various departments in New York

Number of stores owned by Mega Stores Pvt. Ltd.: 12

Nature of job: The post of managerial head of the food section in our departmental stores is a work requiring considerable skill. It involves knowledge of the kind of products we make available to our customers. It also requires considerable on site duty. A number of interns or trainees will be working under the manager for smooth operations and customer satisfaction.

Educational qualifications required:

  • A post graduation degree in any stream.
  • Preference will be given to candidates majoring in nutrition, home science or other allied fields.
  • The candidate must have a satisfactory academic record as this position also involves a certain amount of clerical work like bookkeeping and cost accounting.
  • The candidate selected for interview shall undergo a brief training of 4 months.

Other skills: The candidate having prior experience in the field will be given preference. Excellent communication skills are a must.

Salary per annum: $30000 [Basic]

For more information please contact: 263746565

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