A sample literary analysis refers to the model of a literary analysis written for a passage or text. It is mainly conducted in the field of literary studies dealing with characters and plots of stories or poems. It is based on research and is validated with examples and quotations from celebrated works.

Sample Literary Analysis

Text to be analysed: The White Swan

Literary work by: Henson Gally.

Analysis conducted by: Professor Stewart, Head of English department, Moshe University.

Analysis submitted on:  10th October, 2011.

The factors noted while doing the analysis:

  • Reading the passage: The extract has been read 4-5 times before the analysis has been started.
  • Questions: The relevant questions like why the swan has been called white in spite of being destined to die in the end, which place and time the narrative has been based on, what are the repercussions of the death on the reader were jotted down.
  • Statement of the reaction: The author has touched a cord by giving the subtle details of the nature which has acted as a catalyst to the emotional reaction of the reader.
  • Use of literary instruments: The author has resorted to a liberal use of imagery and metaphors to enrich the narrative quality wise.
  • Citing similarities and references: The story of The White Swan reminds us of the Grisham tale, Ugly Duckling, in which the duck was abandoned by her family because of her unpleasant appearance.
  • Nature of analysis: The analysis is critical in nature and the arguments are catalogued separately under each topic.

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