A sample market analysis is a document which is structured like a survey of a certain section of the market for certain purposes. A market analysis is often conducted by companies looking to check the viability of their products or by producers looking for a market to sell their goods. Whatever the case may be, a sample market analysis is valuable and must be complied carefully.

Sample Market Analysis

Date of submission of market analysis: 1st January 2011

This market analysis, commissioned by Tony’s Pizzeria [Main Office: Washington], is compiled by Data Watchers Pvt. Ltd. The purpose of this market analysis is to predict the viability of establishing a new outlet of Tony’s in New York’s Mapleton borough. This area is already home to two pizzerias and three delicatessens and thus, a market analysis offers an excellent idea of what the likelihood of success is going to be.

Factors considered in this market analysis:

  • Location of the proposed outlet: Tony’s proposed outlet is to be located in the Third Street of Mapleton borough.
  • The location is not ideal as it is too close to the two other pizzerias in the area.
  • They being already established for nearly ten years, the new outlet will find it difficult to wean loyal customers away from the older outlets.
  • Prices: In this sector, Tony’s is likely to be a winner hands down as the prices offered by Tony’s is much cheaper than that offered by the other pizzerias.
  • Also, the national recognition of Tony’s is likely to work in its favor.

Overall conjecture: The outlet can be safely opened in Mapleton. A change of location is ideal. However, if not possible, the outlet must attract its customers by banking and publicizing its cheap prices more aggressively.

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