A sample marketing analysis is a process instrumental to the sale of a product. The market structure should be understood to plan the schemes pertaining to the sale and profit orientation of the company. It is a method to scrutinize the different elements that constitute the market of a product.

Sample Marketing Analysis

Marketing analysis of: Macaw Books

Printed by: Macaw Publishers

Analysis commissioned by: Coming of Age Journal.

Analysis conducted by: Daniel Folkman, marketing head of Macaw publishers.

Marketing analysis submitted on: 23rd July, 2011

Factors noteworthy in marketing analysis:

  • Market conditions: This includes the market size which is a measure of the total income of the company. At present the market size of the publishers is $34000000 yearly.
  • Market patterns: The changing pattern of reading habits among children have kick-started the trend of publishing detective books since the last 5 years. The trend of reading suspense thrillers have taken over the market of fairy tales.
  • Market growth: The sale of the books has escalated by 3% in 2010-2011. The reason of the marvellous growth statistics can be attributed to an absence of a publishing company providing an array of modern writers for the youth.
  • Profits earned: The profit gained from the trade of the books in foreign countries has been satisfactory for the last 3 years. This is an indicator of the prospects of the company in the market if the prevailing standards are sustained.
  • Nature of the analysis: The analysis involves the use of quantitative methods mainly and therefore pictorial cues to support the report can cement the conclusion more deeply.

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