The sample medical analysis provides a comprehensive example of the way in which certain medical institute or the medical sector in general is evaluated. The subject matter for such an analysis can range from specific topics such as medical billing to a much broader evaluation of a certain kind medical facility. This is done in standard and approved format and the information that is received from the analysis is useful for improvements and changes to be made. It is important that the area of analysis is clearly identified beforehand. This sort of medical analysis can also deal with investment potential, employment rate and other such marketing issues.

Sample Medical Analysis

The following medical analysis has been conducted by BRUNO M ANALYSTS LTD

Medical Analysis of: Hair Treatment Facilities of Oklahoma

Date: 5/6/2012

Objective: The purpose of this analysis is to determine whether all hair treatment clinics in Oklahoma have incorporated the latest technology pertaining to hair treatment. This will also take into account the medical standards that are required to be maintained and check whether the existing standard is retained or not.

Analysis Overview:

  • The hair chemical analysis technology has been updated in 2012.
  • Keratin Treatment has been introduced by all the facilities taken into account.
  • Hair Multi treatment (removal of hair etc) is a feature that is provided in only 13 out of 97 hair treatment clinics.
  • Costs Incurred & Benefits:
  1. The cost for instating XY Hair Technology has been around $4,000 per clinic.
  2. The employment rate, after the introduction of the new technology, has remained 12 % (since 2007) and thus, ensuring high income for those employees.

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