A sample price analysis can be done on any item or property in order to determine its market value. This is an extremely crucial step in the determination of the price of an object. Its counterparts in the markets will have to be analyzed, as well as its own inherent worth. The sample price analysis provides a correct and standardized approach to fixing the price of goods.

Sample Price Analysis

Price analysis conducted by: Sun Realtors and Real Estate Appraisers Pvt. Ltd.

Item whose price analysis is to be done: An apartment of the area 1200sq feet, located on prime real estate in Manhattan.

Property currently belongs to: Mr. Samuel Clarks, 23B West Side Road, New Jersey.

Purpose of price analysis: The owner of the property has approached us for an accurate price analysis as he shall lease the property within this month, that is, within May 2011.

Factors to be considered while estimating the current value of the property:

  • Prime location
  • Area
  • Current state of flooring, electric wiring, plumbing etc.
  • Purpose of use
  • Current real estate valuations

Price of the apartment in question: Considering, individually and together, all these factors which affect the pricing of a property, we have come to the conclusion that the property in question is priced at $10000000 [Approximately]. This is 20% higher than the rate at which the current owner purchased the property in 2001, nearly eleven years ago. The prime location of the property also causes the price of the apartment to inflate by nearly 2% per annum.

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