A sample product analysis is a document which provides an honest and unbiased assessment of a product, after taking into consideration all the factors that will lead to a comprehensive and accurate assessment. Sample product analysis are usually commissioned by fact finding organizations, or even requested by clients and customers for a better understanding of the product.

Sample Product Analysis

Product to be analyzed: Mickey Pasta

Produced by: Mickey Instant-Food Pvt. Ltd.

Product analysis commissioned by: Healthy Life Magazine

Product analyzed by: Jane Roberts of Product Info Pvt. Ltd.

Product analysis submitted on: 1St January 2011

Factors taken into account while analyzing the product:

  • Use of preservatives: Though instant food is much maligned due to its use of chemical and hazardous chemicals, we are pleased to note that this pasta brand is free from all such chemicals.
  • Price: The price of one packet of pasta is $5 which is extremely reasonable and easily affordable considering that it is the healthiest of the instant food pasta available in the market now.
  • Flavor: The flavor is reasonable good. While it cannot beat the freshness of natural food, it is not as tasteless as instant food normally is. The lack of chemical preservatives lends a wholesome touch.
  • Variety: This pasta is available in four different flavors.
  • Availability: This brand is easily available in most supermarkets and departmental stores across the country.
  • Quantity: The quantity for one portion is rather meager and could be improved to boost sales.
  • Audience feedback: The audience feedback so far has been positive. Since its launch in the end of last year, sales have been good.

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