A sample sales analysis is a document that gives an idea of how an analysis is to be conducted for studying the sale of a particular product or service, as sold by a company or business firm. The analysis should be done very carefully and all aspects are to be studied thoroughly, such that no single factor that determines the present or future sale remains unnoticed.

Sample Sales Analysis:

Sales analysis for: Innova Digital Camera

Manufacturer name: Innova Group of Companies

Sales analysis conducted for the period of: 4th May, 2011 – 4th October, 2011

Team of sales analysts: Jacob Robinson, Henry Richards, Olivia Kirsten Williams, John McGraw

Analysis commissioned by: Oswald Longman Analysts Pvt. Ltd

Date of submission of analysis: 9th October, 2011

Sales analysis approved by: Steve Anthony Fred


The main purpose behind framing an analysis report is to have a thorough idea of the sales conducted by our company. The outcome of the analysis process executed, as determined by the concerned department, will be presented and necessary decisions regarding the company’s course of action for the sale of the particular product will be taken.

Areas under study for sales analysis:

  • Market structure: It is very much important to first identify the nature and demands of the existing market to be able to predict its capability to take in the particular product, and sales decisions will be taken accordingly. An excess of manufacture and sale will eventually lead to heavy losses.
  • Identifying the needs of customers: The number and type of client base, for whom the products have specially been manufactured, has been studied before the sale, to ensure the analysis is complete and proper.
  • Area of sale: The particular area or sales territory, as we call it, has been thoroughly studied and necessary actions taken so that duties are carried out in a systematic manner and a clear record of the sales is maintained.

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