A sample service analysis is one which inspects and contrasts a service in question to a wide range of similar services in order to form an accurate and comprehensive analysis. Sample service analysis is extremely vital as it offers an index by which customers and others interested can judge the service offered.

Sample Service Analysis

Service analysis conducted by: Princeton Group Pvt. Ltd.

Service which was analyzed: Hospitality services of Yuma Hotels Pvt. Ltd. [New York branch]

Service analysis commissioned by: Hotels and Hospitality Programs

Factors which were taken into consideration while preparing this service analysis:

  • Area/Location: The hotel is located in prime Manhattan making it easily accessible to the blue chip workers in the area. It is a handy getaway for the well-heeled as it is noted for its discreet service and non-interfering personnel.
  • Tariff: The tariff, as is to be expected in such a place, is high. However, the service offered is impeccable and it is worth the high rates.
  • Dining and restaurants on offer: There are five restaurants in the hotel offering Thai, Chinese, Italian, Indian and Mediterranean cuisines. The food is excellent and all five restaurants are open twenty-four hours.
  • Clientele catered to: The hotel is patronized by the rich and beautiful. It is a favorite haunt of the well heeled and thus the element of glamour too is quite high.
  • Round the clock services: The five restaurants attached to the hotel are open at all times of the day. Bookings too can be made at any time of the day.
  • Behavior of staff: The staff is helpful and courteous. Professionalism is their forte and they are ubiquitous without being imposing or indiscreet.

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