Technical analysis is a process through which investors are informed about whether they should buy or sell their investments. This analysis determines the investment decisions to be made based on previous performances made in the stock exchange and the expected change to be seen in the near future. This analyses a particular pattern that has been seen till date and is either expected to remain the same or change drastically in the future. Nonetheless, this is done based on assumptions and speculations and hence, should not be followed blindly. This is basically a study of the internal stocks and shares which makes it different from the stock market analysis that also takes up the external factors. The sample technical analysis suggests ways of presenting such documents in summative approach.

Sample Technical Analysis

The Technical Analysis of 2011 has been conducted by the UZRS Corporation and submitted on 13.12.2011. The main aim is to provide a list of stocks that have performed significantly well or badly and those that have showed growth and are expected to show good market future in the coming year.

Stocks more than 15% down in more than two quarters of 2011:

  • HOUST : -22.3%
  • PANTALOONE: -25.6%
  • PTC: 20.5%
  • RAINCO: 34 %

Stocks that have shown no significant change throughout the quarters, 2011:

  • RTP: +12%
  • FOCU: -0.3%
  • GARIN: -7%
  • BOST: -14%

Stocks that are up by 15% in the last two quarters:

  • GOLDY: +20%
  • FEN: +25%
  • BISTRO: +14%

Stocks Expected to Rise:

  • GREY by 6%
  • FEW by 2%

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