A sample transportation analysis is an exercise of evaluation or analysis by which a transportation agency can assess its costs, profits and success. Such an exercise must be presented in the form of a report which would be concise, factual and informative in nature. A sample transportation analysis can evaluate any aspect of the transportation business including costs, route networks, employee satisfaction, public satisfaction, efficiency, timings and so on. Thus, it can be a far reaching and impactful analysis if conducted well, and presented in the correct manner.

Sample Transportation Analysis:

Sample transportation analysis conducted by: Roadstar Transport Agency Pvt. Ltd.

Sample transportation analysis report presented by: Samuel Daniel, Head, Finance and Operations, Roadstar Transport Agency Pvt. Ltd.

Nature of transportation analysis:

  • To analyze the costs incurred in the first year [2009] of the agency, and to determine the changes that have to be inducted into the operations of the agency.
  • To create an estimate of the annual costs required and present a breakdown of transportation costs.

Cost breakdown of transportation agency in the year 2009:

  • Initial capital costs: $600000
  • All other allied costs [indirect startup capital]: $200000
  • Vehicle costs [20 MRH Star models; check list for registration numbers and insurance details]: 10 million $
  • Route registration costs: 2million $
  • Accident insurance costs: 3 million $
  • Agency registration costs: 20,000$

Net profit: 4 million $

Changes to be inducted:

  • The number of vehicles must be increased in order to break even, which shall be done by the agency by 2012.
  • The number of routes on which the buses ply must also be increased from the current 56 to 77 [see enclosed route map]

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