Service analysis example is a sample of a service analysis that demonstrates the basic framework of a service analysis document. It is a document that aims to assess, investigate and contrast a particular service in order to discover its efficacy and improve its quality if and when necessary. It serves as a parameter based on which the qualities of various services can be judged.

Sample Service Analysis Example

Service analysis directed by: New York Service Analysts Corporation

Service analysis report submitted on: April 15, 2012

Service in question: customer services offered by Stayconnected Telecom

Findings Obtained Through Analysis:

  • Network: the network connection of Stayconnected Telecom is found to be quite good. Customers have reported to be extremely satisfied with their network and has no complaints regarding network failure, week tower strength or cross connections. The company has set up towers in almost every nook and corner of the country and has been reported to show strong towers even in remote areas.
  • Tariff:  the tariff however is high and uncertain. The company is known to change tariff frequently without any prior notice. The call charges too are at times unfairly high as are the messaging services. There have also been complaints from customers about unjustified balance deductions and abrupt price hikes.
  • Target customers: the company with its impressive network coverage targets the youth and intends to tap on their almost obsessive urge to remain connected with their friends round the clock at all places.
  • Client relations: the staffs of the company are found to be extremely well behaved and are trained to patiently respond to all customer queries. Complaints are duly registered and dealt with utmost importance.

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