Service analysis format is a document which serves as a guide for the framing of a service analysis report. A service analysis is usually undertaken by a set of trained professionals who can analyze and inspect, with the requisite skills, the services offered by a company or an organization. While most commonly associated with the hospitality or service industry, a service analysis can extend to all spheres f the professional world.

Sample Service Analysis Format

Name of the service ____________________________

Service analysis conducted by___________________________________

Date of submitting analysis______________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph of a service analysis must indicate the nature of the service being analyzed. It must provide details of the industry of which the service forms a part. It must outline the various factors which determine the output of a service. Certain considerations like number of employees, nature of service and expectations created by advertising or word of mouth publicity and the organizations ability to meet those expectations must be factored in.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph of a service analysis must compare the services offered by the organization or industrial sector to those available to consumers elsewhere. Essentially the competition must be analyzed and the service which is to be analyzed must, in the least, measure up to its counterparts in the market. This paragraph is crucial as it forms a reasoned argument which will reflect on the conclusion formed.

Third Paragraph: The third paragraph of the service analysis must form the conclusion of the service analysis. It must provide an honest, unbiased assessment of the service inspected. The tone must be reasoned and the conclusions must be sufficiently supported by evidence.

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