Service analysis report calls for a detailed account of a review of the services provided by an organization. The report aims to vividly capture the inspection process and the inference drawn from its findings in order to examine the value of service provided by a company and the response it extracts from its clients.

Sample Service analysis Report

Service Analysis Report Submitted by: Julie Solis

Report submitted on: May 19, 2012

Service analyzed in the report: medical services of Lifeline Hospitals, Texas.

Analysis Technique employed:

The various key aspects of medical services rendered by the hospital were examined. Infrastructure was thoroughly checked. Patients’ statements were taken. The qualifications and efficacy of staff were investigated. Important documents of the hospital were verified.

Findings Obtained:

  • Infrastructure: the hospital is extremely well maintained and well furnished. The infrastructure is pretty sound. The wards, intense care units and operation theatres are all well equipped.
  • Medical staff: a bench of highly qualified and efficient staffs runs the hospital. The medical personnel associated with the hospital are all well reputed and extremely dedicated to the profession. The hospital provides round the clock medical services and care to its patients.
  • Cost: the services offered however are no doubt expensive and quite beyond the reach of the common man. Although the hospital authorities claim to have wards designed for patients with limited budgets, exorbitant billing remains a recurrent complaint against the hospital.
  • Patient satisfactions: patient statements revealed mixed opinions among the inmates. While some highly praised the authorities for their prompt services, maintenance and care, there were some who complaint of exorbitant billing, conduction of irrelevant tests and arrogant behavior from the staffs.

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