The stock market analysis is a document which contains recent survey done on the stock market’s performance of different companies or a particular company. This is essential for traders and investors who need to keep an account of the highs and lows of a particular company shares with regards to the investment made in it. There are a few factors that are required to be kept in mind during this analysis like previous performance of the company’s stocks, the present performance and future probability of the company’s performance. This analysis can be done internally by the company itself or by the investors of the company.

Sample Stock Market Analysis

The Stock Market Analysis for the third quarterly has been conducted by Z & M Analyzers on 3.4.2012.

The analysis has been conducted particularly for keeping tabs on the performance of XYZ Finances Ltd. The purpose of this analysis is to ascertain the future market indications of this company and to inform the investors whether they should buy or sell their shares within the company.

  • Past Performance: The first two quarters of this year has shown a company shares growth from 34% to 37.6% in between two quarters.
  • Sharp Rise/Fall in Numbers: The third quarter has seen a significant fall in the share prices by 43% cutting it down $5 per share in stead of $8.
  • Expected Market Performance:  There is a possibility of 20% increase and growth of the company in the domestic market.

The investors are advised to wait for the next quarters before selling.

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