The purpose of a stock price analysis is to study the behavior of stock prices and thereby determine whether buying, selling or holding on to a stock would be beneficial for the investor. A stock price is basically the market price that is ascribed to it by public appreciation of the stock. Hence, analyzing stock prices gives one an idea about the price a stock would demand within a future timescale.

Sample Stock Price Analysis

Stock Price Analysis conducted by: Calcheck Analyzers

Date of completion of the analysis: 08.03.2012

Stock Summary:

The concerned stock is the property of Cooper Firms Private Limited. The shares of this company have been a coveted stock for the investors and are often seen to attract interest of players of the stock market.


To study the performance of the Cooper Firms Private Limited and predict its future market readings in order to form an informed opinion about the behavior of its shares.

Past Performance History:

There has been a growth of 28% to 33% in the company shares between the last two quarters. During this phase the stock prices rising from 25$ to 38$.

Rise or Fall in Stock Prices:

The third quarter however, has shown a substantial fall in the stock prices by nearly 48%. As a result the share prices have gone down from 38$ to 18$.

Expected Market Performance:

Recent developments reveal a possibility of 18% increase in the stock prices in the local market.

Inference: It is advisable to hold on to the selling of the stock until the next quarter.

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