A stock technical analysis is an analysis of the stock market of a particular economy, which provides an outline of the market situation for a particular day or period of time. Such an analysis is often used by stock traders and investors in order to decide how much of their stocks to sell. Such an analysis is extremely important and must be well presented with all the important points marked out clearly and concisely. The purpose of the stock technical analysis must be mentioned as must the professional designation of the analyzer.

Sample Stock Technical Analysis:

Name of stock technical analyst: Jonathan Harker

Organization to which the stock technical analyst belongs: Jensen Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of stock technical analysis: 12th Jan 2012

Purpose of stock technical analysis report:

  • To cater to the demands of our clients
  • To ensure that market phenomena are explained properly by trained professionals
  • To keep a record of market trends and situations

Stock technical analysis for the period: 12th December to 19th December 2011

Salient features of the stock technical analysis [please check the attached report for a complete presentation of the happenings in the week mentioned above]:

  • Highest point of the stock exchange in the week: 12000 points
  • Lowest points of the stock exchange in the week: 8000 points
  • Market trends; currently bullish
  • Market performance compared to previous week: 455 points up
  • Best performers in the stock market: Alliance Steel and Tiscan Motors

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