The key to decent marketing is a well reported strategic marketing analysis. It provides one with an all-round insight and knowledge about the intricacies of the market, the opportunities lurking beneath that one must exploit, the factors that influence market revenues and examines the products’ competitive status in comparison with the rivals. Thus, in short, it aids one in strategizing future moves indicating the segments that must be improved or prioritized thereby laying the basis for the business proposition of the company.

Sample Strategic Marketing Analysis:

Strategic Marketing Analysis

Name of the organization: Dead Poets Society Publications

Analysis Executed By: Jane Sean


Analysis Executed On: 3rd April 2011


Market Culture:  the art of reading is one practice that would never die no matter what the age. However, with the advent of technologies the ways and interests of the reading public have undergone huge transformations. Publications must thus analyze and understand the tastes of the contemporary readers and strategize accordingly. For instance, while the classics and popular fiction must be given due reverence, the new forms of books like graphic novels or visual texts must also be given equal importance and boost. The relatively new concept of e-books must also be explored simultaneously with paperbacks or hard covers.

Market Potential: with the introduction of Harry Potter and the renewed interest in children as well as youth literature has further increased the scope of this market. Books must be shelved as per their genres by keeping in mind the tastes of the customers of all age groups. Focus must be on improving the page quality and printing of the books. Spelling mistakes must be strictly avoided and editing must be crisp and smart.

Market Share Potential: globalization has shrunk the world to the size of one’s palms. Hence, keeping with the global trends tie ups may be made with publications of other countries to make all kinds of literature available to the reading public of one’s country. Associations may also be made with the film industry in order to encourage movie adaptations of classic or popular literature and thereby foster each other’s growth.

Competitive Value: the publication is currently ranked third in the country’s list of top publications.


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