Survey data analysis is a very smart management technique that is used extensively these days to keep statistical records of the surveys performed by the company in each quarter. This helps in keeping a tab on the progress of the company in the mass markets and also amongst its business partners. It is very important to know these factors as they play a vital role in shaping up the company’s strategies for the next few quarters based on these surveys.

Survey data analyses are particularly done to make sure that the data obtained through the surveys are correct and are not misleading.

Sample Survey Data Analysis

  • Survey Data Analysis for- Synergy group of Restaurants.
  • Survey Data Analysis conducted by- Solutions Private limited.
  • Survey Data Analysis submission date- 8th February 2012.

Purpose of analysis

To determine the records of the surveys conducted previously and to compile the results to give a final outcome so that the company can use the data to plan their business strategies for the next economic quarter successfully.

Survey Data Analysis chart

The chart provided below will help the user to take decisions accordingly and plans for the next year. Any sort of questions or suggestions should be addressed to

Type of survey Survey Accuracy in percentile Comments or changes required
Customer attrition analysis 89% Good survey. Needs a couple of changes on the points 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 with immediate effects.
Customer environment analysis 78% Moderate survey. Lacks detailed points and solutions in the annexure 3, 4 and 7.
Customer experience analysis 96% Very good survey. Well detailed survey with detailed solution strategies.
Customer segmentation analysis 95% Problems and findings are very well detailed with exact numerical status.
Customer satisfaction analysis 65% Very Poor survey. Misleading at most places, this needs to be corrected with immediate effect.
Business associate experience analysis 99% Perfect survey. No changes required any where.


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