A survey research analysis is a document which outlines the methods, findings, and purpose of a survey research which is essentially a fact and data based type of research. The analysis must include the details of the procedure followed during research as it lends clarity. This analysis can be conducted at any stage of the research depending on who is doing it and to what effect. In general a survey research analysis must be compact yet comprehensive.

Sample Survey Research Analysis:

The following document is the abstract for a research analysis project conducted by Women for Justice, sponsored by the India Chapter of UN Committee for Women Welfare. The salient features of this international survey are as follows:

  • Surveying, through the help of committees, subcommittees, local municipality bodies and panchayats [village bodies] and addressing the problems women of all social strata face in their daily lives.
  • Collating the information gathered in such a way and making a comprehensive report which will then be studied at length.

Points to be noted:

  • The survey research project is one of the most inclusive and well documented reports to have emerged from researches of this kind in recent years.
  • Care has been taken to supplement the report with facts, figures, statistics which go as far back as 1945, before the country obtained independence.
  • Adequate provision has been made for inclusion of legal, national, parliamentary, caste and community factors, and how they play an important role in obstructing the path to progress.

The report is available in the public domain and can be accessed from the official website:



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