A task inventory job analysis method is a relatively new method of job analysis. The method was devised for job analysis of the army and was later adapted for other civilian use in the industries. The aim of this method is to analyse job related information. To be specific, task inventories are constituted by the series of activities that are of physical or overt nature which are measurable in quantitative terms.

Sample Task Inventory Job Analysis

Name of the organization: West High School

Department: Library

Analysis conducted by: Jemmy Cooper, HR head. GKB Company Ltd.

Title of the job: Librarian

Task inventories pertinent to the job post: The work of a librarian is manifold. He has to be competent in deciding the arrangement and placement of books to ensure maximum convenience of students and teachers in locating particular books. It is the task of a librarian to maintain record of the books along with their codes and names of authors. The task of a librarian involves identifying the requirements of the various departments and placing orders of books accordingly.

Prerequisites of the job:

  • A graduation/post graduation course in library science.
  • The candidate must be adept at operating a computer, Ms Excel in particular for storage and compilation of data and must have good typing speed.
  • A prior experience or exposure to the field will be preferred for this job.

Monthly remuneration: $45000 on an average.

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