A technical analysis example is a document which contains an outline of the stock market of a particular economy. Such analyses are conducted by technical analysts in order to provide an in depth idea about the current market scenarios, and to enable stock traders and market investors to judge the current trends. A technical analysis report must be presented in a clear and factual manner where all relevant information has been provided for the reader to peruse.

Sample Technical Analysis Example:

Technical analysis conducted by: Jason Rogers of PrivateEx. Ltd.

Date of submission of technical analysis report: 23rd June 2012

Stock exchange examined: Kuwait Stock exchange

Technical Analysis report requested by: Kline Herbert, stock trader and client of PrivateEx. Ltd.

Technical analysis report for the week: Week 2 [12th June to 19th June 2011]

Salient features of the technical analysis for the week mentioned above:

  • The market fell considerable in this week by 160 points [around 2.4%] as compared to last week.
  • The market closed at a net of 7000 points, 160 points down from last week.
  • This week the market traded only for five days which is not an encouraging sign at all.
  • The highest point achieved this week is 7777 and the lowest that has been recorded for this week’s stock exchange performance is 6556 points.
  • The sentiment of the market was bearish and the fall in points has sent apprehension running in the minds of investors.

[Turn overleaf for a detailed technical analysis]

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