In financial term, technical analysis is a security tool used for forecasting the stock trends and prices of business organization through a thorough study of the past market data, volume and prices. A technical analysis format document represents how to determine the securities of a business without evaluating its intrinsic values yet through a proper analysis of the statistics generated through market activity of the business.

Sample Technical Analysis Format

Technical analysis prepared by:

Explicate the details about the authority by whom the particular technical analysis is being drafted. This help in imparting a rational and reliability of the document.


Specify the time line or period based upon which the charts has to be prepared on the stock trends of the business.

Purpose of the analysis:

Explicate the reason behind soliciting the particular analysis document. This help the intended audience to understand what market information could be achieved through the particular paperwork.

Detailed Findings By the Use of Demographics:

Technical analysis documents generally assist the financial professionals to conclude the hypothesis of the market efficiently. Hence, one should ensure to draw references from the demographics tools like charts, graphs etc which is representing the market information of a particular period. These data could be further determined by the help of trading rules and various models which gives information about intra and inter market price correlations, market cycles of the stock, regressions, different business cycles, moving averages etc.


Finally, a paragraph has to be devoted for outlining the summation of the entire findings achieved based on various analyzed factors.

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