Technical analysis template is a pre-constructed layout used for detailing the lineaments of a security appraisal discipline which determines the prices and screen the stock status of a business. This kind of document has to be constructed comprehensively yet with specific lineation which must create provision for detailing findings acquired through market data and information.

Sample Technical Analysis Template

Technical analysis on __________________

[Mention on what aspect the particular analysis is being conducted.]

________________ [insert the name of the business/ company whose technical analysis is being drafted after analyzing its market trends]

Technical analysis formulated and created by:

[Specify the name and details of the concern authority by whom the technical analysis is being drafted and presented]

Dated: [specify the date on which the document is being issued]

Time-line: [specify the time-line for which the market prices and volume is being analyzed]

Purpose: This technical analysis document is being solicited for the purpose of __________________ [explicate the reason behind formulating the particular technical analysis document]


[Present the charts and graphs that denotes the market trends of the particular time-line]

Factors Recent market value Present market value

[Based upon the demographics formulated incorporate the data within a tabular format, so that it helps the authority to analyze the difference in ratios within current and previous market values]


[Finally, a separate provision has to be devoted where the expert opinions derived from the determining factors is to be enumerated in details. Moreover, it should also emphasize on the critical points that requires immediate improvement.]


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