Technical business analysis is a measuring tool for analyzing the overall process or performance of a business that deals with technical works or having technical aspects of work. Such a document should be constructed analyzing the overall technical facet of a department.

Sample Technical Business Analysis

Name of the business: Hardware Essential Co.

Business process assessed by: National council of technical business supervision

Business objective:

Hardware Essential Co. deals with computer and laptop repairing or its assembling. It offers great deliverables and solutions for assembling different kind of hardware for computer or laptop parts suitably according to the need. Even it provides high solutions and proficiency in repairing the default computer parts.

Business performance:

  • It has expanded its business in providing technical solutions for cell phones and especially Android smart phones.
  • Two of its new branches have been set up in other parts of the town for providing exclusive services for cell phones.
  • It has gained around 15% more profit than that of last year for its new and existing services.

Business plan:

  • Planning to expand business on different cities of the country. This new business will provide more improved offerings of computer and laptop services.
  • This new business will provide employment opportunity of more than 1000 employees who are proficient in hardware servicing and repairing.

Issues of business:

  • The business process sometimes deters due to lack of skilled machineries needed for accomplishing the task more proficiently.
  • Lack of employees who have proficient knowledge in dealing with integrated chips.

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