A technical stock chart analysis is an exercise whereby the performance of the stocks of a particular company is determined using complex statistical tools. This should be done by one well-versed in the field of stock analysis and the report must provide the findings accurately.

Sample Technical Stock Chart Analysis:

Technical stock chart analysis is created by: JM Rogers Pvt. Ltd.

Technical stock chart analysis created for: Keventer’s Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of technical stock chart analysis: 10th July 2012

Purpose of analysis:

  • To identify the overall trend using moving lines, averages, and to identify whether the trend is bullish or not.
  • To identify congestion areas and the markers which will determine whether the trends are bearish or not.
  • To identify momentum using MACD.
  • To determine buying and selling pressure for stocks and other indices using the figures gathered from volume data.
  • The calculation of the risk ratio of a new position in the current trend.

Inferences obtained:

Please check the attached histogram and pie charts with this document to decipher the results of the technical stock chart analysis:

  • Stock analysis of the client company reveals that trends are bullish for the first quarter of 2012 and are likely to remain so for the rest of the second quarter.
  • It will be possible to negotiate the strength and maturity of the current trend and to forecast the behaviour of trends in the future by analysis past behaviour.

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