A technical stock market analysis is an evaluation of the behaviour of the stock market of a particular economy for a stipulated period of time. It must be conducted by those well versed with stock market movements and the report must be accompanied by incisive and sharp comments.

Sample Technical Stock Market Analysis

Stock market technical analysis compiled by: NHS Stock Analyst Pvt. Ltd.

Stock market technical analysis compiled for: Jameison Sync Traders Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of technical stock market analysis: 12th March 2012

Nature of analysis: S&P 500 analysis

Please check the attached graph for complete details on the technical stock market analysis for the year 2011.

Findings obtained:

  • The first quarter of 2011 saw the S&P stock market swing upwards at a decent rate of 15%.
  • This was followed by churning of the stocks and the gains were processed.
  • The second quarter of the year also saw some light trading. There were four high volume down days in the second week of June 2011.
  • The On Balance Volume crossed its 15 day moving average on the 4th of June
  • The trend for the third and final quarter of the year has been bullish. This is likely to continue right up to the second quarter of 2012.
  • The histograms attached along with this report show the divergences showed in the month of October in 2011, and the same behaviour is likely in the coming months ahead.

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