The telecommunication industry analysis is way through which the telephone companies are able to examine how effectively their resources have been put to use for the benefit of the company. The analysis is essentially done to ensure profit is being made on a regular or periodic basis. Hence, this analysis is particularly done frequently in the telecommunications industry. It is imperative that there is sufficient research done in terms of the types of services offered, the customer packages and also other relevant issues.

The analysis needs to be specific and catering to the development of the industry overall. This will require careful study of the resources in terms of what the company has and also that is channeled out. The overall aim is to gauge whether the company has effectively used all the resources for a specific task such as appealing to the target market, or proper promotion of new products that are introduced.

Sample Telecommunications Industry Analysis

The Hutch Telecommunications Network has hired Bill Donald from the Universal Analysis Co. for the purpose of examining how effective the launch of the 60MIN Free Minutes calling card has been.

  • The launch took place on 5th September, 2011.
  • The analysis will take into account the impact of the launch within the 6 months of the launch and sales
  • The product is available in and around Massachusetts and the offer remains the same in all the concerned regions.

Analysis Report:

  • More than 76% of the target market has taken up this new product showing sales rise up by 15 % in the last 6 months.
  • The 60MIN free minutes calling card is only for local customers using the same network hence it is restricted to the target market.

Suggestion: To remove the network restriction and increase target market.

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