Test data analysis refers to the interpretation and assessment of a set of data, used to conduct any particular test. A given set of data is analysed and interpreted to reach a definite conclusion. It is done with the aid of certain professional statistical tools and is done by statisticians. It should include the objective and purpose of the data analysis, and the facts and figures must be accurate.

Sample Test Data Analysis:

Data analysis conducted by: SOG group Pvt. Ltd.

Data analysis commissioned by: Abacus education centre.

Date of report submission: 15th of January, 2011.

Purpose of Data analysis:

The purpose of data analysis is to find out the academic performance of the educational centre over a period of one year. It is to assess the students’ academic records and their success rates.

Tools used for data analysis:

  • Past academic reports of students.
  • Internal assessment reports.
  • Survey sheets.
  • Teachers’ conduct report.

Procedure of data analysis:

The academic report of each student is analysed. And their performance is assessed. The overall performance of all students is assessed with the aid of line graph. The survey sheets have been electronically processed and students’ evaluation of teachers has also been taken into consideration.

Analysis Report:

The data interpretation and analysis shows that the overall academic performance of the students is quite satisfactory. However the students have not performed well in mathematics and the record shows a decline. The survey sheets show that the students are not satisfied with the mathematics faculty. The test report shows that the institution’s academic performance is good and has potential and scope for further development.

For further information contact the undersigned.

Mr. Robert Bates,

Statistician, SOG group Pvt. Ltd.

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