A traffic light analysis is an exercise which represents and organises a large amount of data so that presentation of the data becomes easy and coherent. The use of the colours of a traffic signal has given this kind of analysis its name. It is a common enough statistical tool which is used by a number of presenters, but the logic of it must be understood. The report must ensure that adequate keys are provided along with the document for the ease of understanding of the viewers and the report is accurate.

Sample Traffic Light Analysis

Sample traffic light analysis created by: Samantha Brown for NHF Traders Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of traffic light analysis: 12th June 2012

Purpose of traffic light analysis:

  • To identify the difference between the promotion numbers of men and women in the company over the period of one year 2011.
  • To provide suggestions about how the disparity can be alleviated.

Please mail us for the complete report. Below we present an extract of the traffic lights analysis of the subject mentioned above:


Associate to chief associate 3.5 0.4 3.5
Chief associate to chief consultant 8.4 2.4 4.5
Consultant to manager 14.5 7.8 9.4
Manager to associate director 4.3 4.4 2.5
Associate director to chief executive officer 17.4 3.4 3.5
Chief executive officer to director 3.4 5.3 5.6
  LOS1 LOS2 Overall


Significant at 1.5% level Significant at 5.6% level Not significant as far as statistics are concerned

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