Training business analysis is an analytical tool documented for analyzing the entire ongoing process and programs of a business dealing with providing training. Hence, such a document must elucidate elaborately the essentiality of the purpose and helps in achieving desirable result from it.

Sample Training Business Analysis

Name of the training business: Monaca Computer Language Training school

Date of submitting the analysis: 6th June 2011

This training business has been analyzed by an efficient team of core business analysis for over a time period of 2 months by utilizing the detailed past and present performance of the company through accumulation of the relevant data available.

Tools used for analysis:

The analysis is performed utilizing various tools among which few of them are work mentioning like

  • Previous document analysis
  • Financial year statements
  • Customer satisfaction blueprints

Findings through the training business analysis:

  • All the courses that are running in the institute are performing quite efficiently and through the documents it has been found that trainees are quite satisfied with the kind of training provided.
  • Through its significant performance the organization has achieved enormous profit and was efficient in increasing its clientele base by 5% than that of previous year.
  • The organization is planning to introduce more courses like Informatica, Software engineering etc which are not easily available in other institutes which provide similar kind of trainings.

Issues related to the business:

  • Lack of knowledgeable trainees could be found for the newly planned courses.
  • Lack of resources for introducing new training courses

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